Upholstery Cleaning

Before Ely Cleaning Services begin cleaning we will inspect your upholstered furniture to assess the condition, fabric type and level of soiling – Then our machines will deep clean your upholstered furniture removing stains and... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets can be one of the most durable investments you make for your home – provided you care for it properly. With routine carpet cleaning and basic maintenance, a quality carpet can last... READ MORE

Automotive upholstery cleaning

Ely Cleaning Services are the specialists in automotive upholstery cleaning in the area, by using the best tools and cleaning materials available we can clean from the roof lining down to the carpets. Cleaning and sanitizing all fabric… READ MORE

Regular Home Cleaning

Ely Cleaning Services take pride in delivering first class home cleaning services that will meet your specific needs. Everyone is different, and no two homes are exactly the same. This is why we let you create…  READ MORE

Domestic Cleaning

Ely Cleaning Services provide honest, professional and reliable domestic cleaners for all your house hold chores in the Ely, Soham, Newmarket and Cambridge area, the whole package is tailor made to your individual specification.... READ MORE

Spring Cleaning

We’re experts in the science of spring cleaning and our affordable service makes the work go a lot more quickly and efficiently – without putting extra weight on your budget. READ MORE