Carpet Cleaning ServicesPrices from*
Living room£45
Through lounge£65
Dining room£30
Single bedroom£25
Double bedroom£30
Stairs / to 12pcs. /£25
Landing £15
Rug small /to 1,5 sqm/£25
Rug large /to 2,5 sqm/£35
Rug extra large /to 10 sqm/£45
Carpet protector /per room/£15
Carpet Cleaning ServicesPrices from*
Studio flat £85
1 Bedroom flat£90
2 Bedroom flat£115
3 Bedroom flat£130
2 Bedroom house£140
3 Bedroom house£160
4 Bedroom house£185
Upholstery Cleaning ServicesPrices*
3 seater sofa£75
2 seater sofa£50
Corner sofa from£95
Chaise longue£40
Dining chair£10
Office chair£10
Mattress single£25
Mattress double£35
Fabric protector /per seat/£8
Car Upholstery CleaningPrices*
Small car /eg Smart/ from£65
Medium car /eg Fiesta/ from£80
Large car /eg Mondeo/ from£90
Estate car from£95
VAN, SUV car /5, 7 seater/ from£110
Domestic Cleaning ServicesMinimum hoursHourly rate from **Hourly rate from ***
Regular home cleaning - weekly basis2h£14.50£16.50
Regular home cleaning - fortnightly basis2h£14.50£16.50
Regular home cleaning - monthly basis 4 weeks4h£16.50£18.50
One-off house cleaning4h---£19.50
Spring cleaning4h---£19.50
After party cleaning3h---£22
**per cleaner per hour with your cleaning supplies
***per cleaner per hour with our cleaning supplies
End of Tenancy CleaningPricesIncl. Carpet Cleaning
Studio flat from£115£165
1 bedroom flat from£155£210
2 bedroom flat from£185£255
3 bedroom flat from£215£275
2 bedroom house from£210£299
3 bedroom house from£270£370
4 bedroom house from£310£410
5 bedroom house from£330£450
Hard Floor CleaningPrices /sqm
Cleaning/ Scrubbing£3
Ironing ServiceHourly rate  
Ironing Service*£14

* The specified price list is indicative, prices may vary slightly depending on the degree of cleaning required.
* Minimum charge of £45 is applied-Ely area