Ely Cleaning Services are the specialists in automotive upholstery cleaning in the area, by using the best tools and cleaning materials available we can clean from the roof lining down to the carpets. Cleaning and sanitizing all fabric, killing bacteria which can contribute to offensive odours.
For car upholstery cleaning we only use Numatic vacuum  cleaners and Chemspec detergents and preservatives. With its’s highly efficient motor the CTD 570-2 guarantees an extremely low
residual moisture level
after cleaning whilst the protective layer produced by the Chemspec detergents, prevents future penetration of dirt after cleaning. Our vehicle interior deep clean service features:

  • Deep cleaning of fabrics and carpets (hot water extraction)
  • Car upholstery odour removal
  • Motor homes, cars, vans and caravans

Step by Step Car Upholstery Cleaning Process:

Stage I – Loosening the dirt using Pre-Spray

  • Vacuum the areas to be cleaned
  • Spray the areas with the special Chemspec Pre-Spray solution and rub into the material with a soft bristled brush, this will loosen the dirt
  • Leave for 5-15 minutes

Stage II – Cleaning and Removal The Chemspec  detergent is introduced under pressure through the Numatic’s special nozzle and dirt removed into the vacuum cleaners waste tank without wetting the upholstery.

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